Portfolio : Human Loss: … Human Loss : Statement
Human Loss

Collage Monotype

8 × 8

Portfolio : Human Loss: … Human Loss : Statement

These images were photographed on Patan Square, Kathmandu, Nepal after the 2015 Earthquake.

Initially, I wished to symbolize the loss of life from the quake. I chose to connect my work to the extraction of oil from the earth, and how the water waste from oil extraction contributes to earthquakes.

As I worked, these images took on a more expansive meaning, symbolizing the considerable loss of human life due directly and indirectly to countless "extractions" globally. These include consumer societies that are voraciously draining the earth of natural resources to satisfy an insatiable need for material goods and comforts. All of this activity leads to forests dying, the oceans being drained of fish, natural disasters, and climate change.

As a result, people are migrating, in search of a place on earth where they can have a viable life. The shadows in the images represent the value, and the aspirations, of each human being.

Process: Intaglio prints on Zerkall Printmaking Paper, adhered to birch board.

Erika Radich
September 2020