Portfolio : Plankton Species Monotypes : Statement
brown algae
Portfolio : Plankton Species Monotypes : Statement

For the last few months, I studied many aspects of plankton. I define that work as sort of a survey, a broad look at the subject, and a derivation of multiple metaphors that plankton brought up for me through my prints. As I consider the subject and the information I gleaned by systematically exploring one species/type of plankton each week, I now see three themes that give meaning to the work.

  • Service
  • Sustenance
  • Redemption

Plankton and their function on earth are a clear example of BIG WORK by a collective of so very many small beings. The work is in service of life on earth. These organisms symbolize to me the "collective maternal" archetype. They give their entire existence for the health and welfare of the planet. It is done without a choice and without even being cognizant of what is being done. They suck up the carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen. They provide 50% of the world’s oxygen. They cool the earth.

Plankton are the bottom of the food chain. Everything on earth indirectly feeds on plankton. They are the elemental source of all life and the elemental sustenance for all beings on earth.

They generate and regenerate food, energy sources, elements, minerals. They are the ultimate example of redemption.

I have been justly inspired by the collective power of these tiny organisms.