Portfolio : Refuge : Statement

Collage Monotype

8 × 8

Portfolio : Refuge : Statement

In the wake of three challenging years, images of "structures" come to mind to symbolize refuge, isolation, connection and community. This body of work means to evoke stability and a sense of lightness and hope. The elements are playful and irreverent, falling over and into each other.The colors extend the thoughts of future brightness.

A few symbolize isolation and the the past, the profound loneliness of some during the pandemic.

The main message is "village," and how important that concept has been, whether it be physical or conceptual presence. The inspiration is the multitude of kindnesses and the immense mutual care for each other. People speak of "silver linings" and there were many.

The collage elements are repurposed prints…the elements carry the past. The resolution acknowledges the present.