Portfolio : Retrospection : Statement


8 × 8

Portfolio : Retrospection : Statement

Looking back and looking inward…these prints use pieces of creative time and represent whole explorations, inquiries, and investigations of multiple subjects throughout the last years of my printmaking practice. My life travels before my eyes as I use fragments of inspirations that compelled me to study a subject, immerse myself, then enter the studio …literally tear it to pieces and abstract it to discover a symbol or a meaning that informs me of personal truths previously not known to me or at least not noticed.

The natural world and its complexities and mysteries provide a mirror for learning.

Plankton became “the mother.” Bowerbirds,“the artists.” Beaver, “the builders.” Prairie Dogs, “the stewards.” The natural world provides me with archetypes, symbols, markers for inquiry and study. Ultimately, the essence is emphasized, rather than the figurative. The visual language became more abstract.

These collages serve to further abstract and construct images of feelings, emotions, and symbols, this time using pieces of the past, building wisps, ephemeral thoughts, haikus of ideas. Each piece carries a story, but is used in a new way to distill, rather than to narrate.

The elements carry the past…the resolution acknowledges the present.

Erika Radich
September 2018